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Track any Shopify store's product launches, best sellers, traffic, sales, ad campaigns, apps, and more.


Track Real -Time Sales for Thousands of Stores

  • Sharpen your competitive edge by following nearly any store’s metrics. Track revenue trends, product catalog, best-sellers, web traffic, and more. And discover the trending shops you should know.


Discover rivals’ top-selling products to win the niches

Identify stores’ product-level insights including their top 10 best-selling products, most popular categories, daily sales volume, etc. From that, you can analyze product trends and adjust your store to keep one step ahead of competitors easily.

Shopify secrets revealed

Shopify Inspector

  • Shopify store information: name, store theme,theme name, First product time, Newest product time, region&city, language, currency,product quantity,Facebook pixel, TikTok pixel, Best selling products, the time distribution of the latest product launches, product analysis.

  • Products grouped by Product Type.

  • Products grouped by Vendor.

  • Products grouped by Tag.


Apps and Tools

Reveal the secret apps that drive sales for your competitors stores.

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Got Questions? Look Here

Shopify Spy Pro FAQs

What Shopify Spy Pro can do for me?

Discover the best selling products from your competitors.Scraper and Export/Download in one click.

If the shopify sales data 100% right?

We collect shopify store data with the website public data, In our test, the sales data is approximately 80% quantity equal to total sales.

Can I download products?

Yes,you can download & Export product data.

Do you have a free trial?

Shopify Spy Pro Extention is FREE.

Do I need keep open my chrome always?

When you run tracking store, the extension need run in background on your local PC. so please keep your chrome and the working tab is always open.

Does SSP track all Shopify store?

For performance, SSP only track Shopify stores that less than 10000 products.

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Track any Shopify store's product launches, best sellers, traffic, sales, ad campaigns, apps, and more.

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